Sentence Examples

  • To decorations and official recognitions he was notoriously indifferent.
  • They saw in him a pious man, an esteemed professor, who had done nothing but propose a discussion on the notoriously intricate subject of Indulgences, peremptorily ordered to recant and to remain silent.
  • The coast, fully exposed to the open ocean, abounds in fine cliff scenery, including numerous caves and natural arches, but is notoriously dangerous to shipping.
  • Tiberias is notoriously dirty and proverbial for its fleas, whose king is said by the Arabs to hold his court here.
  • All criticism of this is inconsequent; " fighting gear " was notoriously the only effective asset of Missourians in Kansas, every Southern band in Kansas was militarily organized and armed, and the free-state men armed only under necessity.