Sentence Examples

  • Flags Great Adventure, NJ]|[Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ |Kingda Ka]] The Six Flags logo can be found on a wide range of souvenirs and merchandise, from key chains and t-shirts to mugs, pictures, toys, and other novelties.
  • NJ: While I appreciate the kind words, just about everything I've done to this point was to promote a product, movie, person or business that aims to make somebody who already has a lot of money, more of it.
  • The New York Post is reporting that Donald Trump has dumped Carolyn Kepcher, who not only runs his golf courses in upstate New York and Central NJ, but has also been his partner in crime on The Apprentice.
  • Specifically, the eight member cast of Jersey Shore were placed in a beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ, and had to work in a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk in exchange for free rent.
  • Located in New Jersey, Garcia's designs have been featured in a number of local publications including Design NJ, and she contributes a regular column to The Star Ledger newspaper.