Sentence Examples

  • Bates in The Naturalist on the River Amazons) says: " Brazil, moreover, is throughout poor in terrestrial mammals, and the species are of small size."
  • Bates, The Naturalist on the River Amazons.) One of the rare species of the Amazon Morphos (M.
  • Belt, A Naturalist in Nicaragua; H.
  • There is a museum of natural history; the collection is reminiscent of the famous naturalist Gilbert White, of Selborne in this vicinity.
  • George Low (1747-1795), the naturalist and historian of Orkney, who made a tour through Shetland in 1774, described a Runic monument which he saw in the churchyard of Crosskirk, in Northmavine parish (Mainland), and several fragments of Norse swords, shield bosses and brooches have been dug up from time to time.