Sentence Examples

  • The diamond clarity should be pure and clean, though some individuals may prefer champagne diamonds with minor flaws and inclusions that may resemble champagne bubbles, adding even greater mystique to the unusual color.
  • A relative newcomer on the jewelry scene, moissanite is a startlingly brilliant gem nearly indistinguishable from diamonds to the casual observer and offers the mystique of being one of the rarest jewels in the world.
  • The State of Georgia has a large number of reportedly haunted properties that lend themselves to the mystique of this romantic place, steeped as it is in tales of the Civil War, the Reconstruction and much more.
  • As you might imagine, few people understood the meaning behind all of this unfamiliar symbolism at the time the original cards were published, but that only added to the Knapp-Hall deck's mystique.
  • Perez jettisoned many elements bogging down Wonder Woman's history and took her back to her roots on Themyscira, tying her more closely to the Greek gods and imbuing her with a feminine mystique long lacking in recent decades.