Sentence Examples

  • This game offers up a killer new twist on multiplayer abilities, a facet that was never a strong point of the series.First of all, you can wirelessly trade souls with a buddy to help fill in your list of acquired abilities.
  • Since Wii Sports Resort requires the use of a Wii MotionPlus attachment and it is largely meant to played as a party game or a multiplayer game, the public was upset that they had to buy additional attachments separately.
  • For example, there are boxes in multiplayer that contain either the light beam, the dark beam, the annihilator beam, or power bombs in plain sight, all of which you would have to spend ages looking for in one-player mode.
  • The game played much like the original set of Mario games, but it had fantastically colorful graphics, multiplayer capabilities, and several new items and innovations that appealed to both purists and newcomers to the series.
  • The game certainly takes inspiration from other titles that have come before it, like Counterstrike and the Call of Duty series, but the multiplayer online game developed by FrozenSand also has its own unique personality.