Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, some Buxton wallets have specialty features, such as the Mountaineer Executive Thinfold, which is an extra-thin tri-fold wallet, and the Modernist Double ID Passcase, which has extra organizational features for travelers.
  • Latrobe was an excellent mountaineer, and made some important ascents in Switzerland in 1824-1826.
  • Imparted a self-reliant enthusiasm to his countrymen, formed them into an army, and organized them as a political community; his mountaineer infantry, though limited in numbers, proved desperately courageous; his cavalry was daring and ubiquitous.
  • "Jim" Bridger, a famous mountaineer and scout, saw the lake in 1824, apparently before any other white man.
  • After imposing these harsh terms on his enemy, the conqueror might naturally have shown clemency to the Tirolese leader, Andreas Hofer; but that brave mountaineer, when betrayed by a friend, was sentenced to death at Mantua owing to the arrival of a special message to that effect from Napoleon.