Sentence Examples

  • "A lytil tale Set herd I tel, Pat in to my tyme befel, of a gudman, in murrefe [Moray] borne in elgyne [Elgin], and his kine beforne, and callit was a faithful man vith al Jame fat hyme knew than; fis mare trastely I say, for I kend hyme weile mony day.
  • Coo If either copper or anti mony be added to this Sb compound, the freezing coo C point is lowered just as it would be if a new sub stance were added to a 400 A solvent.
  • See also C. Baudon de Mony, Relations politiques des comtes de Foix avec la Catalogne, jusqu'au commencement du XIV' siecle (Paris, 1896).