Sentence Examples

  • Autoimmune disorders occur when the body's immune system mistakenly identifies the body's own tissue as foreign and goes about attacking those tissues, as if trying to rid the body of an invader (such as a bacteria, virus, or fungi).
  • Last but not least, vintage posters didn't come from the factory neatly rolled up in a tube but were, instead, folded-a condition that might alarm collectors who mistakenly believe that such creases diminish their value.
  • While some people mistakenly believe that cerebral palsy involves muscular or nerve problems, it is actually a brain disorder in which the brain is unable to effectively control the body's movements.
  • Since heartworms are carried through mosquitoes, many people mistakenly believe that preventative medication should only be given during the time of year in which these pests are prevalent.
  • As the name of a street changes with almost every block, according to the old Spanish custom, a list of street names is sometimes mistakenly accepted as the number of continuous thoroughfares in the city, so that it has been said that Mexico has 600 to 900 streets and alleys.