Sentence Examples

  • Already the nations are groaning under the burdens of militarism, and are for ever diverting energies that might be employed in the furtherance of useful productive work to purposes of an opposite character.
  • Militarism may account for much of the tremendous deficit under Urban VIII.; but the real cancer was nepotism.
  • On the other hand, though a strong opponent of militarism, he publicly stated that foreign nations attacking Germany must not expect the help or the neutrality of the Social Democrats.
  • From the first day that he assumed office, President Moraes showed that he intended to suppress praetorian systems and reduce militarism to a minimum.
  • Paradoxical as it may seem, it is the logical conclusion of such comparisons that militarism only exists in countries where there are no citizen armies, and that, where there are citizen armies, they are one of the elements which make for permanent peace.