Sentence Examples

  • VH1 Tough Love is a dating reality show with a twist; instead of simply hooking up a bunch of singles and seeing what happens, women who are unlucky in love receive intense training and counseling from Steve Ward, a professional matchmaker.
  • The matchmaker should be familiar with other clients' requirements and wish lists, too, so you aren't paired up with someone who was expecting a 6' tall marathon runner when you're 5'5" and don't even own running shoes.
  • An updated version of the traditional matchmaker concept, ABC's reality show The Bachelor presents one very lucky single guy with 25 beautiful bachelorettes from which to choose his perfect mate.
  • Some ethnic groups looked upon arranged marriages as beneficial matches for the family as a whole, so often a family employed the services of a matchmaker for offspring to ensure solid liaisons.
  • As the matchmaker, Steve has to endure plenty of arguments from the cast of women who seem determined to keep running their love lives as they always have despite their lack of success.