Sentence Examples

  • A new process of manumission was now established, to be performed in the churches through the intervention of the ministers of religion; and it was provided that clerics could at any time by mere expression of will liberate their slaves.
  • Manumission was of two kinds justa or regular, and minus justa.
  • 3) forbade manumission, except in strictly limited cases, by masters under 20 years of age or of slaves under 30; and the lex Furia Caninia (about A.D.
  • And as the legal manumission dissolved a son's previous agnatic relationships, so, too, the person baptized gave up father and mother, &c., and became one of a society of brethren the bond between whom was not physical but spiritual.
  • During the reign of Coloman, moreover, the number of freemen was increased by the frequent manumission of serfs.