Sentence Examples

  • Taran saw Sirian's shrewd manipulations in the convenient location of the army.
  • But according to one, the second part of the word comes from the Greek Xv��ia, pouring, infusion, used in connexion with the study of the juices of plants, and thence extended to chemical manipulations in general; this derivation accounts for the old-fashioned spellings " chymist " and " chymistry."
  • With the exception of the heavier flint (lead) glasses, these can be produced so as to be free both from noticeable colour and from such defects as bubbles, opaque inclusions or " striae," but extreme care in the choice of all the raw materials and in all the manipulations is required to ensure this result.
  • Historically it is null; logically it is full of gaping flaws, practically its manipulations of the volonte de tous and the volonte generale are clearly insufficient to obviate anarchy.
  • The method is interesting, but the manipulations and observations involved are more troublesome than with the ordinary type of calorimeter, and it may be doubted whether any advantage is gained in accuracy.