Sentence Examples

  • The mandible is composed of several bones as in reptiles.
  • The operculum of the normal zooecium has become the mandible, while the occlusor muscles have become enormous.
  • They include the mandible of a mastodon and a portion of a vertebra of a large fish, both found in the Lower Madison Valley; the skull and other parts of a dog (Mesocyon drummondanus), found near Drummond, Granite county; the skull of a Poatrephes paludicola, found near New Chicago,.
  • The beak is large, strong and sharp-edged, the upper mandible terminating in a large hook; the wings are narrow and very long; the feet have no hind toe, and the three anterior toes are completely webbed.
  • The isolated gnathobase often seen as " mandible " and the genital operculum).