Sentence Examples

  • It's far more difficult for a credit bureau representative to evade or dismiss your dispute when faced with written documentation bombshells you casually lob in during a conversation.
  • Bonvalot, accompanied by Father Dedeken of the Belgian Catholic Mission aid Prince Henri d'Orleans, left Charkhlik, south-west of the Lob Nor, in November 1889, and taking a very nearly due southerly course, reached on the 13th of February 1890 the eastern end of the Tengri Nor.
  • Lob) that "for Adam he found no helper (qualified) to match him."
  • 6, 8-12, lob) the Israelites dwell apart in the province of Goshen, and their numbers become so great as to call for severe measures of repression, the method employed being that of forced labour.
  • Lob-16, 23, 24, it is more probable that J's version was discarded by RJE in favour of E's, and was afterwards restored by RD.