Sentence Examples

  • The most durable of fences are those formed of small oaks, split lengthwise by the wedge into thin boards.
  • In the United States the standard sleeping car has a central alley, and along the sides are two tiers of berths, arranged lengthwise with the car and screened off from the alley by curtains.
  • In the analogous theory of infinitely small displacements of a solid, a null-line is a line such that the lengthwise displacement of any point on it is zero.
  • This product is the same whatever point on the line of action be taken, since the lengthwise components of the dispJacements of any two points A, B on a line AB are equal, to the first order of small quantities.
  • Both lengthwise and transversely, and doubled up beneath the elytron; to permit the transverse folding, the longitudinal nervures are interrupted.