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Another word for lectern

      1. A piece of furniture typically having a flat or sloping top for writing and often drawers or compartments.
      2. A table, counter, or booth at which specified services or functions are performed:
      3. A department of a large organization in charge of a specified operation:
      1. To rise to an upright position on the feet.
      2. To assume or maintain an upright position as specified:
      3. To maintain an upright position on the feet.
      1. An elevated platform, lectern, or stand used in preaching or conducting a religious service.
      2. Clerics considered as a group.
      3. The ministry of preaching.
      1. A dais, pulpit, or other elevated platform for public speaking.
      2. The curved, beaklike prow of an ancient Roman ship, especially a war galley.
      3. The speaker's platform in an ancient Roman forum, which was decorated with the prows of captured enemy ships.
      1. An elevated platform, as for an orchestra conductor or public speaker.
      2. A stand for holding the notes of a public speaker; a lectern.
      3. A low wall serving as a foundation.
      1. A horizontal surface raised above the level of the adjacent area, as a stage for public speaking or a landing alongside railroad tracks.
      2. A vessel, such as a submarine or an aircraft carrier, from which weapons can be deployed.
      3. An oil platform.