Sentence Examples

  • Remember that the 's' comes off the end of the 'tu' form (instead of 'laves', 'lave'); 'wash your hair' would be lave-toi les cheveux.
  • For example, to express that you are washing your own hair, you would say: Je me lave les cheveux, whereas to say 'I'm washing YOUR hair', you would say: Je te lave les cheveux.
  • (11) The Altai Tatars, or "Altaians," comprise - (a) the Mountain Kalmucks (12,000), to whom this name has been given by mistake, and who have nothing in common with the Kalmucks except their dress and mode of life, while they speak a Turkish dialect, and (b) the Teleutes, or Telenghites (5800), a remainder of a formerly numerous and warlike nation who have migrated from the mountains to the lowlands, where they now lave along with Russian peasants.
  • One of the king's knights boasts that ten thousand pieces have been "forcontes" (counted short) to the Saracens; and it is with the utmost trouble that Joinville and the rest can persuade the king that this is a joke, and that the Saracens are much more likely to;lave got the advantage.
  • As an independent pursuit, live-stock breeding is carried on by the Russians in eastern Transbaikalia, by the Yakuts in the province of Yakutsk, and by the Buriats in Irkutsk and Trans- Lave baikalia, but elsewhere it is secondary to agriculture.