Sentence Examples

  • Masterpiece, erected for Frederick Gonzaga in .1523-1535; of the numerous fresco-covered chambers which it contains, perhaps the most celebrated is the Sala dei Giganti, where, by a combination of mechanical with artistic devices, the rout of the Titans still contending with artillery of uptorn rocks against the pursuit and thunderbolts of Jove appears to rush downwards on the spectator.
  • Bona's grace and beauty speedily fascinated Sigismund, and contemporary satirists ridiculed him for playing the part of Jove to her Juno.
  • The attempts to connect the name Yahweh with that of an Indo-European deity (Jehovah-Jove, &c.), or to derive it from Egyptian or Chinese, may be passed over.
  • Gebhard, Pankultus (Brunswick, 1872); P. Wetzel, De Jove et Pane dis arcadiens (Breslau, 1873); W.