Sentence Examples

  • McMaster, though devoting several pages to its discussion, very ingenuously declares it ' ` beneath criticism."
  • He wrote 3 to the Lords excusing his absence, requesting them to appoint a convenient time for his defence and cross-examination of witnesses, and imploring them not to allow their minds to be prejudiced against him, at the same time declaring that he would not " trick up an innocency with cavillations, but plainly and ingenuously declare what he knew or remembered."
  • 242-244; " It resteth therefore that, without fig-leaves, I do ingenuously confess and acknowledge, that having understood the particulars of the charge, not formally from the House but enough to inform my conscience and memory, I find matter sufficient and full, both to move me to desert the defence, and to move your lordships to condemn and censure me."
  • He distinguishes three ways in which bribes may be given,' and ingenuously confesses that his own acts amounted to corruption and were worthy of condemnation.

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