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Another word for imperilment

  1. Exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

      1. The chance of injury, damage, or loss; dangerous chance; hazard
      2. One considered with respect to the possibility of loss:
      3. A person or thing with reference to the risk involved in providing insurance
      1. Exposure to the risk of harm or loss:
      2. Something that endangers or involves risk:
      3. Exposure to harm or injury; danger; jeopardy
      1. (Law) Exposure to conviction and punishment; situation of an accused person on trial for a crime
      2. Risk of loss or injury; peril or danger.
      3. (Law) A defendant's risk or danger of conviction when put on trial.
      1. A chance of being injured or harmed:
      2. (Sports) An obstacle, such as a sand trap, found on a golf course.
      3. Risk; peril; danger; jeopardy
      1. (Law) The exposure of someone, especially a child, to danger or harm
      2. The act of putting someone into danger, or the condition of being in danger
      1. (Obsolete) Power, especially power to harm.
      2. A source or an instance of risk or peril.
      3. Exposure or vulnerability to harm or risk.
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