Sentence Examples

  • Originally nomads (hunters and fishers), all the Finnic people except the Lapps and Ostyaks have long yielded to the influence of civilization, and now everywhere lead settled lives as herdsmen, agriculturists, traders, &c. Physically the Finns (here to be distinguished from the Swedish-speaking population, who retain their Scandinavian qualities) are a strong, hardy race, of low stature, with almost round head, low forehead, flat features, prominent cheek bones, eyes mostly grey and oblique (inclining inwards), short and flat nose, protruding mouth, thick lips, neck very full and strong, so that the occiput seems flat and almost in a straight line with the nape; beard weak and sparse, hair no doubt originally black, but, owing to mixture with other races, now brown, red and even fair; complexion also somewhat brown.
  • Set up inflammation, and cause immense loss to farmers, herdsmen and butchers.
  • The end of the war found the llanos a desert, both herds and herdsmen having nearly disappeared.
  • Here he dwelt for some time, until strife arose between his herdsmen and those of Lot.
  • In winter, when great numbers of Vlach herdsmen take up their quarters in the town, its population exceeds that of Larissa.