Sentence Examples

  • The storyline played out for years on One Life to Live including the trial, the aftermath and the long and twisted road to redemption for Todd and the path of heartbreak and romance for Marty herself.
  • The newborn adoption process may seem fraught with legalities and possible heartbreak, but keep in mind that families successfully adopt newborns every day, and the rewards are well worth the problems and issues involved.
  • To avoid the heartbreak of watching your beloved pet suffer and to keep him as healthy as possible, it's important to start him on heartworm prevention as soon as your veterinarian suggests you should do so.
  • The Grease MP3 soundtrack has become a cultural icon, and several generations of high school students have identified with its universal themes of youthful rebellion and teenage heartbreak.
  • If you are suffering from heartbreak, the technical challenge of a haiku can sometimes shake you out of your feelings long enough to let you focus on the positive, even the absurd.