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Another word for hay

      1. Dry food, such as hay, used as feed for livestock.
      2. Dry food for livestock, as hay, corn, oats, etc.; fodder
      1. Something, esp. information, that is thought of as being in large supply and, often, inferior, raw or coarse, etc.
      2. Feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw.
      3. Coarse food for cattle, horses, sheep, etc., as cornstalks, hay, and straw
      1. Dietary fibre
      2. Any rough or coarse material.
      3. Rough material; coarse substance; specif., coarse food or fodder, as bran, straw, vegetable peel, etc., containing a relatively high proportion of cellulose and other indigestible constituents and serving in the diet as a stimulus to peristalsis
      1. The act of looking or searching for food or provisions.
      2. Plant material that livestock graze or that is cut and fed to them.
      3. Food for domestic animals; fodder
      1. A signal or program made by means of such transmission:
      2. The act of providing food, especially to an animal:
      3. Food for animals, especially livestock.
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