Sentence Examples

  • In the case of an axial moment, the square root of the resulting mean square is called the radius of gyration of the system about the axis in question.
  • Since I~=Ii., I~=o, we deduce 100=3/4Ma2, ~ =4MaZ; hence the value of the squared radius of gyration isfora diameter 3/4ai, and for the axis of symmetry 3/4af.
  • Which we shall meet with presently as the ellipsoid of gyration at G.
  • The formula (16) expresses that the squared radius of gyration about any axis (Ox) exceeds the squared radius of gyration about a parallel axis through G by the square of the distance between the two axes.
  • The squares of the radii of gyration about the principal axes at P may be denoted by k,i+k32, k,f + ki2, k12 + k,2 hence by (32) and (35), they are rfOi, r2Oi, r20s, respectively.