Sentence Examples

  • Saints and angels are highly revered, if not adored, but graven images are forbidden.
  • But he is not an idolater, for he has not "made unto himself any graven image, nor the likeness of anything that is in heaven above or in the water beneath or in the water under the earth."
  • "These are they," he proceeds, "who beyond all the nations of the earth have found the truth: for they know God as Creator and Maker of all things, and they worship no other god beside Him; for they have His commandments graven on their hearts, and these they keep in expectation of the world to come Whatsoever they would not should be done unto them, they do not to another..
  • 3) repudiates graven images as only fit for demons.
  • Throughout there is confusion in the use of these terms, and the finale refers only to the graven image of Dan (xviii.