Sentence Examples

  • They'd gone shopping at the local Goodwill for their polyester outfits.
  • The late atrocities had made confidence or goodwill between parties impossible.
  • The great advance in organization made with such peace and goodwill was commemorated in 1878 by the Thanksgiving Fund which reached £297,500.
  • The German king treated his foe generousli and was rewarded by receiving to the end of his reign the servic of a loyal vassal; he also gained the goodwill of the Poles by helping to bring about the return of their duke, Casimir I., who willingly did homage for his land.
  • The mere fact that he was selected to be the tutor of the heir apparent, Ferdinand, afterwards King Ferdinand VII., is of itself a proof that he exerted himself to gain the goodwill of the reigning favourite.