Sentence Examples

  • Salmon-colored, red, yellow and white glazes are also found, and in late specimens gilding was added.
  • The latter ceramist excelled also in the production of purple, green and yellow glazes, which he combined with admirable skill and taste.
  • But in Bokus time, and indeed as long as the factories flourished, many other kinds of faience were produced, the principal having rich black or fiamb glazes, while a few were green or yellow monochromes.
  • Their pdle was close and well-manufactured pottery, varying in color from dark brown to russet, and covered with thick, lustrous glazes black, amber-brown, chocolate and yellowish grey.
  • These glazes were not monochromatic: they showed differences of tint, and sometimes marked varieties of color; as when chocolate-brown passed into amber, or black was relieved by streaks and clouds of grey and dead-leaf red.