Sentence Examples

  • The period of gestation in the mare is about eleven months.
  • The female brings forth one young in the end of May or beginning of June, after a gestation of nine months.
  • It breeds from four to eight times a year, bringing forth each time from three to eight young; its period of gestation is about thirty days, and it is able to bear when six months old.
  • In the first the novice is received and told to meditate on the three mystic letters; in the second, after a period of forty days, he is taught the titles of the 16 suras of the Majmu`; in the third, after seven or nine months (intended to correspond with the ordinary period of gestation), he is taught Suras 5, 6 and 9, learns the meaning of the three mystic letters and goes through a further period of instruction from his initiator.
  • The period of gestation is eleven months.