Sentence Examples

  • The patented toric curve lens produced by Gargoyle shades eliminates this problem by providing a unique molded lens that covers up to 210 degrees of vision, effectively shielding the wearer from 83 percent more incidental light.
  • They carry all kinds of unique items like "Chucky" dolls, dragon and gargoyle fountains and goblets, vintage style t-shirts with famous rock bands and celebrities, psychedelic lava lamps, incense, and sexy, fun items.
  • Even the names of the shades evoke power, sophistication, and superior performance: Lightning, Thunder, Legacy, Heat, Warrior, Speed, Inferno, Vortex, Equinox, and Hurricane are all Gargoyle styles.
  • Available in both classic and sport collections, Gargoyle shades have many designs to appeal to different personalities, but their quality is universal regardless of what style you wear.
  • This makes Gargoyle sunglasses a superior choice for anyone who needs to wear shades frequently or for long periods of time: outdoor workers, athletes, and travelers alike.