Sentence Examples

  • The drift went on until April 9 1916 when the floe, reduced to a triangle zoo yds.
  • 27, when the expedition of 28 men with 49 dogs abandoned her and camped on the floe.
  • The back, accordingly, moves faster than the front, and the whole is packed together; as when an ice-floe drives against the shore, the ice breaks and the outer fragments ride over those within.
  • The party therefore camped on the drifting floe, keeping up scientific observations and maintaining their health and spirits though in continual danger from the floes ridging up or cracking asunder.
  • The drift of the " Deutschland " had turned sharp to the E., but that of Sir Ernest Shackleton's floe continued in the main due N.; the difference may have been due to the opposite seasons or to other causes.