Sentence Examples

  • The list uses the criteria of films that heavily abide by stereotypes as the makings of a "bad" chick flick, as well as films that paint women in a negative light for the sake of the supposed plotline.
  • In the 1980s, with the emergence of Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, the series boomed in popularity again, and the production of the Batman film was a major hit among both fans and moviegoers looking for an action flick.
  • Watch dials made with lumbrite hands and markers will glow, which makes it easy to read a Seiko watch in the dark without having to fumble for a tiny button on the side of the watch or flick on a lamp - very convenient.
  • For a nominal fee, potty-trained children can have fun in the secure Harkins Play Center while Mom and Dad get some much deserved time alone to catch a romantic film or the latest action or horror flick.
  • They replaced the complex stylings of the man I call… well, the Man, with the overly simplistic, hauntingly annoying jazz that you'd expect to find in the elevator of a cheap pornographic flick.