Sentence Examples

  • The goddess sometimes appears with doves, as uranic, at others with snakes, as chthonic. In the ritual fetishes, often of miniature form, played a great part: all sorts of plants and animals were sacred: sacrifice (not burnt, and human very doubtful), dedication of all sorts of offerings and simulacra, invocation, &c., were practised.
  • Thus, it has been held that it contained stone fetishes (meteoric stones and the like) from Yahweh's original abode on Sinai or Horeb.
  • Myths, folk-lore, hunting charms, fetishes, superstitions and customs were based on the same idea.
  • Hot other gods carry their primitive fetishes in their hands (like calb gods began to acquire human personalities.
  • The ceremony of the tawaf and the worship of stone fetishes was common to Mecca with other ancient Arabian sanctuaries.'