Sentence Examples

  • Fasciitis-Inflammation of the fascia (plural, fasciae), which refers to bands or sheaths of connective tissue that cover, support, or connect the muscles and internal organs.
  • What this means is there is more of a rectangular, minimalist navigator on the front fascia instead of the circular one.
  • To provide a grazing effect to show off texture, track lighting can be installed behind fascia.
  • The lines of cardinal importance are (I) the rasceta or cross sulci, which isolate the hand from the forearm at the wrist, and which are the flexion folds between the looser forearm skin and that tied down to the fascia above the level of the anterior annular ligament.
  • (2) The line which isolates the ball of the thumb, where the skin ceases to be tied to the front of the palmar fascia, is called the line of life.