Sentence Examples

  • At the touch of the first fang, her eyes flew open.
  • The " retrovert " or bent-back first pair of appendages is provided with a poison gland opening on the fang or terminal segment.
  • In later times this gradual pressure from the south-east became greater, and resulted, at a comparatively recent date, in the irruption of the Fang into the Gabun.
  • The so-called colubrine venomous snakes, which retain in a great measure an external resemblance to the innocuous snakes, have the maxillary bone not at all, or but little, shortened, armed in front with a fixed, erect fang, which is provided with a deep groove or canal for the conveyance of the poison, the fluid being secreted by a special poison-gland.
  • Then follows a decree of the emperor (T`ait-sung, a very famous prince), issued in 638, in favour of the new doctrine, and ordering a church to be built in the square of justice and peace (Ining fang) in the capital.