Sentence Examples

  • We're almost done exterminating the castle.  I can send some help your way.
  • Civil war was raging in France, and Clement became an ardent partisan of the League; his mind appears to have become unhinged by religious fanaticism, and he talked of exterminating the heretics, and formed a plan to kill Henry III.
  • Among savage and nomadic nations the whole tribe often moves into new territory, either occupying it for the first time or exterminating or driving out the indigenous inhabitants.
  • St Elmo that the Turks lost 7000 killed and as many wounded before exterminating the 1200 defenders, who fill at their post.
  • The broken old man became feverishly anxious to propitiate offended Heaven, and save himself another Blenheim or Malplaquet, by exterminating the enemies of the Church.