Sentence Examples

  • These 10 songs find U2 hungry for honest expression and sonic experimentation, producing / engineering accolades going to Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.
  • They kept the surprises coming in 1999 with the release of 'The Hush', an album rich in varied musical styles and experimentation featuring the singles 'In Our Lifetime', 'Summer Son' and 'When We Are Together'.
  • Although much electronica music is associated with dance clubs and raves, especially clubs in places like Ibiza and Aya Napa, some electronica artists are devoted less to dance than to experimentation.
  • Whether diet recipes need to address weight management, health conditions or mere food preferences, with experimentation and creativity any recipe can be turned into an appropriate and delicious meal.
  • Although some sources may say that Blanka's beastly appearance is a result of Shadoloo genetic experimentation, official reports indicate that his trademark green skin came from years of rubbing against chlorophyll.