Sentence Examples

  • Then the educators all over the world said their say and for the most part did not help matters.
  • He represented the United States Bureau of Education at the International Congress of Educators at Brussels in 1880.
  • Hinsdale's Horace Mann and the Common School Revival in the United States (New York, 1898), in "The Great Educators" series.
  • See Life and Writings of Wilbur Fisk (New York, 1842), edited by Joseph Holdich, and the biography by George Prentice (Boston, 1890), in the American Religious Leaders Series; also a sketch in Memoirs of Teachers and Educators (New York, 1861), edited by Henry Barnard.
  • Besides editing several series of books, including "The Great Educators" and "The Teachers' Professional Library," he published The Meaning of Education (1898), a collection of essays; and two series of addresses, True and False Democracy (1907), and The American as he is (1908) .