Sentence Examples

  • Many people who enjoy reading books in electronic format purchase a Kindle or some other eBook reader, but if you like to read whole books online, there are plenty of free resources where you can do so right on your computer or laptop.
  • The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is the number associated with the scan bar you see on every modern book today, and you must have one if you want to sell your ebook on Amazon as a real publication.
  • While "how to" books mentioned above tend to talk more about the places to go and the etiquette to use in both online and face-to-face interactions, there's another type of online ebook that's common.
  • These scams often cost at least $50 of your hard-earned money and in return they promise to send you a free ebook that promises to tell you everything you need to know to get started.
  • If you have enough poetry to justify a poetry collection, there are software programs that make it easy to create books in audio, video or eBook formats people can purchase online.