Sentence Examples

  • Tropical earring organizers are often shaped as palm trees, with the long and distinctive palm leaf creating the ideal home for long and dangling earrings as well as small and delicate stud earrings.
  • Whether you have just come back from a special holiday or simply wish to create a tropical theme in your room, earring organizers with a tropical feel can bring a touch of glamor as well as being practical jewelry storage.
  • There are thousands of different earring designs available, and two types of design elements impact the appearance of the earring: the physical structure of the jewelry and the style of the design.
  • Many earring styles use colored gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds as brilliant accents, or the diamonds themselves may be accents to more colorful earrings using semi precious gems.
  • Everyone has experienced the frustration of finding a single earring at the bottom of a drawer or of discovering an earring tangled within a chain, causing damage to both the chain and the earring.