Sentence Examples

  • In Metal Gear Solid 4, our erstwhile special-ops hero, Solid Snake, is now a grizzled veteran facing legions of bipedal robots - and doubtlessly, he also is up against a cadre of superpowered bad guys and the usual save-the-world situation.
  • Microsoft's software certainly will detect the presence of the drive and respond accordingly, customizing the owner's experience and options, but Sony's will doubtlessly do the same.
  • Many of the jokes kids enjoy, have already been around a long time and doubtlessly appear in at least one book.
  • The design is doubtlessly sexy, but it's difficult to find.
  • 11 -13) has transmitted to us of the manufacture of the writing material from the papyrus plant should be taken strictly to refer to the process followed in his own time; but, with some differences in details, the same general method of treatment had doubtlessly been practised from time immemorial.