Sentence Examples

  • Its dwarf growth adapts it for positions unsuitable for the latter kinds, and it has a good effect in masses, its color being unlike that of any other Dahlia.
  • Dahlia gracilis - A distinct and graceful plant, with slender stems and finely divided foliage, which gives it a freer habit than any other Dahlia.
  • Dahlia - Distinct groups of Dahlias present a fine effect, if the colors are well chosen, and many good effects are spoilt by mixing up tall and dwarf bushy kinds indiscriminately.
  • In some ways, My Black Dahlia reminds me of Murder Was the Case by Snoop, another song that does a good job of communicating the feeling of spiraling out of control.
  • Dahlia imperialis - Large and graceful much-divided leaves, and flowers of a beautiful French white, thrown up in a great cone-like mass.