Sentence Examples

  • With elements like falling text, comment scroll boxes, and even entire layout generators, you can get the specific code snippets either through cut-and-paste or through a sample HTML code generator that includes a preview.
  • Military Layouts is a source for many different MySpace service themes, again with a simple cut-and-paste code snippet that goes into the "About Me" section of your MySpace home page.
  • This can give clients and test-users the ability to see the possible color schemes before they're on the site, and you can save your choices with cut-and-paste HTML code.
  • While it's capable of a lot of fancier operations, the basics of sound editing are easy, combining familiar play-record-rewind controls with the ease of cut-and-paste.
  • By manually adding <EMBED> tags you can fix this problem, but it is best to simply use the cut-and-paste method described to get your Flash into FrontPage.