Sentence Examples

  • After an ill-concerted attack on Paris, in which Joan was wounded, the French army broke up for the winter.
  • And the Fronde, preserved her from concerted and persistent foreign attack.
  • Measures were here concerted against Pope Benedict, who was driven out of Rome in January 1059, Nicholas II.
  • So many of the chief actors in the Mutiny on the native side carried their secrets into dishonoured graves that it is impossible to know exactly what schemes the household of the The king of Delhi had concerted with the disaffected sepoys.
  • This favourable case is not realized at every opposition, but in 1900 the distance was as little as one-third of that of the sun, and it was observed from October 1900 to January 1901 photographically upon a concerted but not absolutely uniform plan by many observatories, of which the chief were the French national observatories, Greenwich,.