Sentence Examples

  • The commonalty revere him and kiss his hand; the rich show him at least outward respect; and even the government treats him as a person to whom consideration is due for his influence with the masses.
  • The constitution of Wareham underwent a change during the years 1326-1338, when the governing body of the bailiffs and commonalty were replaced by the mayor and bailiffs.
  • In 1585 Elizabeth granted a charter of incorporation under the name of the mayor and commonalty of Helston.
  • The commonalty and the nobles) was as to the person who should be chosen to be the king, although it is true that either candidate, the half-witted son of Philip II., Philip Arrhidaeus, or the posthumous son of Alexander by Roxana, opened the prospect of a long regency exercised by one or more of the Macedonian lords.
  • It was incorporated under the name of "Bailiff, Burgesses and Commonalty" by Edward IV.