Sentence Examples

  • They are also popular in candle lanterns because there's virtually no clean-up necessary after they burn.Votive candles should always be used in conjunction with a votive candle holder, or a candle tray or plate.
  • Crafty Add-Ons: Depending on the space available and the degree of clean-up you want to do, you can let your child use glue-sticks and various other materials to make the coloring page more of a collage.
  • Cupcake cakes are particularly suitable for kids' birthday parties because they make serving and clean-up a snap, but with the right frosting designs, they can also work for more elegant occasions.
  • You also get a party hostess and coordinator to handle set-up and clean-up for the party, one hour of eating time at a decorated table and ten arcade tokens per child, for up to ten children.
  • On the Hoarders TV show, professionals specializing in dealing with hoarders bring a clean-up crew to the home of the featured hoarder, and attempt to intervene and clean up the home.