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Another word for citizen

  1. A person owing loyalty to and entitled to the protection of a given state

      1. One who is under surveillance:
      2. A person under the authority or control of another; esp., a person owing allegiance to a particular ruler, government, etc.
      3. A person or animal that is the object of medical or scientific study:
      1. A person under the protection of a (specified) country: citizen or subject
      2. A citizen of a particular nation:
      3. The national headquarters or administration of an organization
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Another word for citizen


Synonym Study

  • Native refers to one who was born in the country under question, and is applied specifically to an original or indigenous inhabitant of the region
  • National is applied to a person residing away from the country of which he or she is, or once was, a citizen or subject
  • Subject is the term used when the government is headed by a monarch or other sovereign
  • Citizen refers to a member of a state or nation, esp. one with a republican government, who owes it allegiance and is entitled to full civil rights either by birth or naturalization