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Another word for circus

      1. An arena or building for equestrian events, circuses, games, etc.
      2. In ancient Greece and Rome, a course for horse races and chariot races, surrounded by tiers of seats in an oval
      3. (Sports) An arena for equestrian shows.
      1. A public performance or display, especially one on a large or lavish scale.
      2. A public show or exhibition on a grand scale
      3. Something like a pair of eyeglasses in shape, use, etc.
      1. An activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively as in watching opera or a movie, or actively as in games.
      2. Something that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show.
      3. A show put on for the enjoyment or amusement of others
      1. The main tent of a circus.
      2. The life or work of circus performers
      3. A circus tent, especially the largest in a given circus, where the central attractions take place.
      1. An organized program of festivities, contests, etc.
      2. A reveling or time of revelry; festivity; merrymaking
      3. A traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows.
      1. A sale of various articles, usually to raise money for a club, church, etc.
      2. A fair or sale at which miscellaneous articles are sold, often for charitable purposes.
      3. A market consisting of a street lined with shops and stalls, especially one in the Middle East.
      1. (Informal) An affair or undertaking:
      2. A display; a manifestation:
      3. A false appearance; a pretense:
      1. An exhibition intended to inform people about a product or business opportunity:
      2. A festival or carnival where there is entertainment and things are sold, often for charity; bazaar
      3. Any of various shows or conventions on a particular theme, typically consisting of booths, educational exhibits, vendors, etc.: usually in combination
      1. Merrymaking; festivity
      2. An occasion for feasting or celebration, especially a day or time of religious significance that recurs at regular intervals.
      3. A celebration, entertainment, or series of performances of a certain kind, often held periodically
      1. Alternative form of kirmess.
      2. In the Netherlands, Belgium, etc., an outdoor fair or carnival
      3. Any somewhat similar fair or entertainment, held usually for charity
      1. A suggestion of a particular quality:
      2. An exclusive group of people acting privately or illegally to advance their own interests:
      3. A circular band used for carrying, holding, or containing something:
      1. Something of minor importance; subordinate event
      2. A diversion or spectacle that is incidental to a larger set of circumstances or a bigger issue of concern.
      3. A small, separate show in connection with the main show, as of a circus or carnival