Sentence Examples

  • In developed nations, including the United States, bacterial gastroenteritis may result from contaminated water supplies, improperly processed or preserved foods, or person-to-person contact in places such as child-care centers.
  • Once you have decided that a nanny is the best child-care situation for your family, having clear expectations of what you expect from a nanny will make it easier to find the perfect fit.
  • In spite of the significant concerns raised by child-care experts, one form of physical punishment-spanking-remains a widely used measure to reduce undesired behavior in children.
  • Lack of communication can also be a problem here, especially if one spouse feels that he or she is being expected to handle the bulk of the child-care responsibilities.
  • Are there organizations in my area that can help me find free or low-cost diapers, clothes, formula, and other child-care essentials?