Sentence Examples

  • According to the Our Sewing Heritage website, crazy quilting began as a response to the beautiful ceramics found in the Japanese pavilion at the Philadelphia Continental Exposition in 1876.
  • Subway tiles are available in every material and color, from Sea Glass to handmade ceramics, and they are the perfect size to fill the kitchen backsplash.
  • Flooring materials tend to be tiles made from ceramics or terracotta, wide wooden planks, travertine, terrazzo, or marble with decorative inlays.
  • The rulers fostered agriculture, stimulated commerce and industry (notably the famous Attic ceramics), adorned the city with public works and temples, and rendered it a centre of culture.
  • Metallurgical operations, such as smelting, roasting, and refining, were scientifically investigated, and in some degree explained, by Georg Agricola and Carlo Biringuiccio; ceramics was studied by Bernard Palissy, who is also to be remembered as an early worker in agricultural chemistry, having made experiments on the effect of manures on soils and crops; while general technical chemistry was enriched by Johann Rudolf Glauber.1