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Another word for brownie

  1. Fairy

      1. A small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers.
      2. A lively, mischievous child.
      3. A usually sprightly or mischievous or sometimes spiteful person.
      1. A grotesque elfin creature of folklore, thought to work mischief or evil.
      1. A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or pixie.
      2. An elflike person.
      3. A large, dim, red flash that appears above active thunderstorms in conjunction with lightning.
      1. A force or principle believed to animate living beings.
      2. A force or principle believed to animate humans and often to endure after departing from the body of a person at death; the soul.
      3. The Holy Spirit.
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  2. Girl Scout

      1. One that camps, such as a person lodging temporarily in a tent or cabin.
      2. A motor vehicle with space and equipment, either in a rear compartment or in an attached trailer, for sleeping and simple housekeeping, used for camping and recreational travel.
      3. The rear compartment or attached trailer of such a vehicle.
      1. A newcomer not yet hardened to rough outdoor life; a greenhorn.
      2. An inexperienced person; a novice.
      3. A Boy Scout of the lowest rank.
      1. One that explores, especially one that explores a geographic area.
      2. An implement or a tool used for exploring; a probe.
      3. A person aged 14–20 who is a participant in the exploring program of the Boy Scouts of America.
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